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SAP2000 V11 Enhancement List

Computers & Engineering is pleased to announce the release of Computer and Structures, Inc 's SAP2000 Version 11. Advancements have been made to almost every aspect of the program, including new graphics and new solvers. This fully integrated application for the modeling, analysis, and design of structures continues to be available in three levels: Basic, Plus and Advanced. The new and innovative features of Version 11 are listed below.

There are also five specialty add-on modules to the Advanced Level of SAP2000, namely, the Object-Based Bridge Design Module, the Staged Construction Module, the Offshore/Wave Module and the SAP2000 API Module (Software Development Kit for Application Programming Interface). These modules need additional licensing. To have detailed information about the SAP2000 modules please click here.

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  • OpenGL graphics added to main model window for fast drawing and display
  • Drawing significantly improved with several intelligent snaps and constraints
  • On-the-fly working plane added for modeling at arbitrary orientations
  • Numerous new selection methods added, including parallel to object, polygon fence and poly-line intersection, and by supports and constraints
  • "Fly" through models using user-defined paths
  • Selection by any combination of input or output values using database tables
  • Right-button information forms now allow easy editing of all items
  • Forms requiring previously defined items now allow adding/editing of those items
  • Materials redone to improve usability
  • Frame Sections redone to improve usability
  • User notes can be added to all properties
  • Fireproofing assignment added to frame objects
  • Automated undeformed geometry modifications using displaced shape
  • Database table display improved, including filters and selection
  • Help topics added to some forms


  • New deformation loads added to Frame and Cable elements
  • Automatic iteration for target forces in Frame and Cable elements
  • 64-bit support added for analysis engine


  • ACI 2005/IBC 2006 concrete design added
  • AISC 2005/IBC 2006 steel design added
  • Canadian 2004 concrete design added


  • Help updated
  • Analysis manual updated
  • Tutorials updated
  • Design manuals updated
  • Verification Manual updated
  • Automated lateral loads manual added
  • "Watch & Learn™ Movies" updated
  • A – Z examples updated
  • API manual added

External Interfacing

Software Development Kit (SDK) for Application Programming Interface (API) works only with Advanced Version with API Add-On

  • SAP2000 API now available for custom programming or interfacing to other programs

New Object Types

  • Area objects can now be general polygons with more than 4 nodes
  • Area object meshing improved to account for general polygons
  • Catenary cable object/element added

New Automated Lateral Loads

  • Automatic generation of lateral National loads for design
  • IBC 2006 Seismic load and response spectrum function added
  • IBC 2006 Wind load added

Analytical Model

  • Spring assignments to Line, Area and Solid objects can now be distributed, nonlinear links
  • Null property assignments to Line and Area and Solid objects are now allowed
  • Analysis model (element level) displays added, including loads and assignments
  • Analysis model information available for any element with a right-button click

Bridge Modeller

Bridge Modeller Add-On works with Advanced and Plus versions

  • Bridge Wizard enhanced
  • Easier variable-section assignment for bridges
  • Advanced concrete box girder bridge section added
  • I and U precast bridge girder sections added
  • Specify prestress tendon jacking using force or displacement
  • AASHTO and NCHRP Project 20-07 response spectrum functions added
  • Nonlinear temperature distribution allowed for deck
  • Caltrans Section Designer sections added to database tables

Add-On Modules



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