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SAP2000 V15 Features & Enhancement List

Computers & Structures, Inc. and Computers & Engineering are proud to announce the release of SAP2000 V17. The innovative enhancements in this version are categorized below. This fully integrated product for the modeling, analysis and design of structures continues to be available in four levels: Basic, Plus, Advanced and Ultimate (includes Advanced, Staged-Construction and Offshore).

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SAP2000 v17 Enhancements

Significant enhancements included in SAP2000 v17.0.0 and v17.1.1, besides bug fixes:

  • The window refresh speed for Classical Plus graphics has been improved.
  • The speed of analysis has been increased.
  • Steel frame design according to IS 800:2007 has been updated to include Amendment #1.
  • The responsiveness of the user interface has been improved.
  • The DirectX graphics functionality has been enhanced.
  • Improved convergence behavior and increased speed for nonlinear static and direct-integration time-history analysis
  • Steel Detailing Neutral File (SDNF) version 3 file import is now supported.
  • Print preview is now available when printing images, design output, etc.
  • Other minor enhancements.


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