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SAP2000 English Manuals

Technical Notes

Concrete Shell Reinforcement Design (243 KB)

SAP2000 v11 Manuals

Getting Started (295 KB)
Introductory Tutorial (1.27 MB)
Basic Analysis Reference Manual (537 KB)
CSI Analysis and Reference Manual for SAP2000, ETABS and SAFE (2.34 MB)
 CSI Automated Lateral Loads Manual (712 KB)
 SAP2000 Database Documentation (2.8 MB)

SAP2000 v11 Offshore/Wave Module

Automatic Wave Loads & Tubular Steel Frame Punching Load Check (1.84 MB)

SAP2000 A to Z Example Problems

Problem A Problem B Problem C
Problem D Problem E Problem F
Problem G Problem H Problem I
Problem J Problem K Problem L
Problem M Problem N Problem O
Problem P Problem Q Problem R
Problem S Problem T Problem U
Problem V Problem W Problem X
Problem Y Problem Z    

A to Z Example Problems (COMPLETE - PDF) (2.2 MB)

SAP2000 Software Verification Manuals

Contents & Texts (796 KB)
Frames, Problems 1-001 to 1-030 (11.64MB)
Shells, Problems 2-001 to 2-020 (10.29MB)
Planes, Problems 3-001 to 3-005 (1.85MB)
Asolids, Problems 4-001 to 4-004 (1.66MB)
Solids, Problems 5-001 to 5-013 (5.61MB)
Links, Problems 6-001 to 6-012 (7.78MB)
 Cable, Problems 7-001 to 7-003 (130 KB)

SAP2000 v8 Manuals

Steel Design Manual (2.36 MB)
Concrete Design Manual (0.86 MB)
Three-Dimensional Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures
(A Physical Approach With Emphasis on Earthquake Engineering) by Edward L. Wilson (2.67 MB)



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