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Add-On Modules to SAP2000 Advanced


Object Based Bridge Design Module

The Bridge Design Module adds capability to easily model complicated bridge geometry using Bridge Designer’s terminology. Specifically included are:

  • Layout-line definition for bridge elements and lanes using bearings and stations
  • Layout-line has horizontal and vertical curves and transitions
  • Parametric cross-section definitions
  • Cross-section parameters can vary along length of bridge
  • Bridge definition includes spans, abutments, hinges, bents and superelevation
  • Abutments, bents and hinges can be skewed
  • Post-tensioning layout
  • Automatically creates spine (frame), shell or solid-element models
  • Structural model can remain linked to Bridge objects for quick editing
  • Display of integrated forces and stresses along bridge

Staged Construction Module

The Staged Construction Module adds capability to consider staged construction sequencing for any model. Time dependent effects such as creep and shrinkage can be included in staged construction analyses. Specifically included are:

  • Staged construction sequencing allowing Adding or Removing members
  • Staged construction sequencing allowing Adding or Removing loads
  • Staged construction sequencing allowing Adding or Removing supports
  • Time dependent concrete age effects (FIP-CEB)
  • Time dependent creep and shrinkage (FIP-CEB)
  • Time dependent prestressing steel relaxation (FIP-CEB)
  • Explicitly model time-dependent effects using tendon elements



Bay Bridge Demo
Bridge Demo
Demo 1
Demo 2
Demo 3

Offshore/Wave Module

The Offshore Module adds capability to easily apply wave loading to offshore structures and includes API design. Specifically included are:

  • Wave load generator
  • API steel frame design
  • API punching shear checks
  • API Simplified fatigue analysis


Heat Transfer Module

* Currently under testing, not available

The Heat Transfer Module adds capability to perform heat transfer analysis. Specifically included are:

  • Steady-state and Transient Analysis
  • Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Heat of Hydration
  • Point, Frame, Shell, Solid elements
  • Interaction with stress analysis
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