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The Bridge Design Module adds capability to easily model complicated bridge geometry using Bridge Designer’s terminology.
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  • Parametric Bridge Model Templates
  • Model Auto-updates with Parameter Changes
  • Parametric Cross Section Variations
  • Parametric Bridge Layout Lines
  • Super-elevations, Curves and Skews
  • Lane Definitions Independent of Structure
  • Abutments, Bents and Hinges

Bridge Design Options

  • Moving Loads with 3D Influence Surface
  • Moving Loads with Multi-Step Analysis
  • Various Standard & User Defined Vehicles
  • P/T Concrete Box Girder Design
  • Composite Steel Deck Bridge Design
  • Straight & Curved Girder Design
  • AASHTO, LFD & LRFD Codes
  • Dynamic Effects of Moving Loads

Advanced Analysis Options

  • Analytical Power of SAP2000 ADVANCED
  • Segmental Construction Analysis
  • Time Dependent Creep & Shrinkage Analysis
  • Pushover Analysis using Fiber Models
  • Bridge Base Isolation & Gaps
  • Nonlinear Large Deformation Cable Analysis
  • High Freq. Blast Dynamics using Wilson FNA
  • Nonlinear Dynamics & Buckling Analysis
  • Multi-Support Seismic Excitation
  • Animated Views of Moving Load Analysis

Bridge Object Definition

  • Quick definition of bridge geometry
  • Spans with section variations along length
  • Abutments with linear/nonlinear support conditions
  • Bents with single or multiple columns
  • Hinges with linear/nonlinear behavior
  • Abutments, bents, hinges can be skewed
  • Post-tensioning definitions
  • Auto generation of bridge structural model
  • Structural model remains linked to bridge objects for quick editing

3-D Influence Surfaces

  • Influence surfaces can be plotted for all displacements, reactions, forces, and stresses
  • Multiple Display options are available
  • Tabular data can be exported
  • Influence surfaces are used for moving-load envelope calculation

Bridge Post-Tensioning

  • Quick post-tensioning layout
  • Tendons in frame, shell, solid elements
  • Creep, shrinkage, relaxation, anchorage slip, elastic shortening and friction losses
  • Prestress tendons can be represented as loads or elements for analysis
  • Explicitly model time-dependent effects using tendons represented as elements

Bridge Layout Definition

  • Quick Definition of Highway Layout
  • Layout line definition for bridge components and lanes using bearings and stations
  • Layout line has horizontal and vertical curves and transitions
  • Super-elevation definitions

Bridge Model Generation Wizard

  • Guided step-by-step creation of complete bridge model
  • Detailed instructions for every step
  • Finished model is ready to run

Parametric Bridge Cross Sections

  • Quick definition of variety of bridge cross sections
  • Concrete box girder sections
  • Concrete tee beam sections
  • tSeel composite bridge sections
  • Section parameters can vary along length of bridge
  • Automatic generation of frame (spine), shell or solid model from parametric section
  • Model automatically updates with change in parameters
  • Easily switch between different types of models

Bridge Lane Definition

  • Quick definition using bridge layout line or existing frames
  • Lane width effects
  • Auto application of lane loads to bridge structure
  • Lane influence lines and surfaces

Staged Construction Analysis

  • Add and remove objects, supports, and loads in arbitrary sequence
  • Behavior may be linear or nonlinear
  • Consideration of time-dependent effects: aging, creep, and shrinkage
  • Multiple staged-construction scenarios are possible

Bridge Results & Design

  • AASHTO LFD and LRFD design checks
  • Influence lines and surfaces display
  • Forces and stresses along and across bridge
  • Displacement plots
  • Animated stress plots
  • Graphical and tabulated outputs


Advanced Analysis Options

  • Pushover analysis using fiber models
  • Isolators, dampers, plasticity, contact-friction
  • Pounding effects at skewed abutments
  • Buckling analysis
  • P-delta and large deflections
  • Nonlinear cables
  • Nonlinear dynamics by modal, implicit, or explicit methods
  • Frequency-domain analysis
  • All analyses use the same model!

Animated Demos

Bridge Models

Animated Stress Plots

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