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Import And Export Routines: GASWorkS includes an extensive set of import and export routines allowing data to be exchanged between a variety of applications. Support is provided for ASCII and DBF data files, GasTool and Stoner model data files, Arc/Info shape files, and a robust DXF translator allowing both import and export of graphical data.

The DXF import routine allows the automated creation of a GASWorkS model from a CAD drawing - the export rou tine a llows creation of a CAD drawing from User specified GASWorkS model data.

Customer Features: Diversified load values for antenna or skeleton type network configurations can be automatically distributed using the Diversity routine - based on the British IGE calculation standards. An external customer database may be attached to the GASWorkS data features, or the supplemental GASBase program provides a "pre-built" data base for maintaining various non-model customer information including meter, regulator, and service line information.

Main Attribute Features: The GASBase supplement also provides a mechanism for maintaining pipe attribute information such as pipe specification, test pressure and MAOP values. GASBase can be used to identify mains where their MAOP value has been exceeded.

User Interface: Each of the GASWorkS routines are accessed through its friendly and efficient point-and-click User interface. GASWorkS is fully menu-driven and provides logical data entry screens and dialog boxes which guide the User through the required entry. On-line help, including an extensive collection of how-to topics is just a click away.

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