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The report routines provide spread sheet style reporting of the analysis results - including the ability to edit model data directly from within the report by simply selecting the cell you wish to edit and making the desired change. The User may select the items to be included in the report by collapsing the columns associated with the unwanted items.

The pipe report provides a comprehensive collection of information including reporting of both size/type and internal diameter values, reporting of pipe inlet, outlet and average pressures, flow rates, velocities and volumes, and simultaneous reporting of linear and pressure drop per User specified length. Selection sets may be created from within the standard reports, allowing unique reporting of User specified data groups. Hierarchical queries allow the creation of sub-sets from a previously created selection set.

Reports may be printed onto any Windows supported device, allowing the selection of paper orientation, and font size and type. Three printed report styles are supported, including a standard spread sheet s tyle forma t with grid lines, a colum nar style form at without grid lines, and a record (document) style form at.

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