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TEKLA StructuresRevolutionary Integration

Tekla Structures intelligence expands into concrete detailing and engineering

The most advanced 3D modeling and detailing system for steel structures has evolved into Tekla Structures, a software application for the following structural design:

  • Steel Detailing
  • Structural Engineering
  • Concrete Detailing

The segment offeringsand model-based modular applications address the needs of all structural design. Tekla Structures is based on the seamless integration between process, whilst utilizing one 3D model - regardless of construction material, process phase or location

Tekla Structures also offers a project information management tool. It consist of a 3D interface for easy project data control. Other functions include status checking, task assignment, scheduling, visualization and reporting. In addition, Tekla Structures includes comprehensive tools for managing privileges and permissions of model objects


Reliability and efficiency across borders

Tekla Structures covers everything fromconceptual design to fabrication and erection. It is the first fully integrated 3D modeling toolto provide flexible and versatile solutions to it a complexity of needs - independent of materials used.

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