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TEKLA StructuresIntelligent Modeling

Increase productivity with modeling

Tekla Structures is a versatile 3D modeling system thatgives you the power to create all types of structures made of steel, concrete or any other materials. It allows you to create and intelligent model of any size or complexity with ease and precision.

The model can be shared throughout the design, detailing, fabrication and erection phases, creating a smooth flow of information previously dreamt about. This results in remarkable gains in efficiency and accuracy. Tekla Structures provides you with unique opportunity to increase the overall productivity of your entire structural design process.

Total control - better business

The modeling of TeklaStructures enables error-free collaboration throughout the valuechain. Tekla Structures supports multiple users simultaneously working on a single product model, wherever they are in the world. The model's intelligence manages modifications of allusers, so the model and the various types of output are always up-to-date. The right information at the right time and place provides you with total control over your business. That leads to better design, fewer and no budget surprises.


True 3d modeling

Tekla Structures brings projects to life. Simply model, analyze design and detail using the same model. Change management is made easier as the model automatically updates every single detail. Tekla's unique parametric modeling technologyprovides you with unlimited possibilities. Even with just one parameter chance, the model will calculate the rest. Intelligent 3D modeling dramaticallyimproves your productivity and accuracy. All material, structural and technical information are available in one model, allowing open-viewing access to any member ofyour team.

Automate route tasks

A central database serves as the heart of Tekla Structures. Input is recorded, stored and reproduced atany time during any process. All information is updated regardless of revisions made to the model. Tekla Structures features an extensive library of connections that allows you to instantly apply accurate connection parameters to any design. You can generate drawings, reports and CNC output directly from the model. Intelligent 3D modelinglets you concentrateon more complex issues because your routine tasks are now outdated.

Easy to learn and use

With Tekla Structures, you model and detail more quickly and accuratelythan ever before - however complex the project. A native Windows based use interface makes Tekla Structures an easy application to master.

You model, analyze design and detail using the same model. You can examine the building and its parts from any angle to see how the parts fit together. Tekla Structures allows both you and your colleagues to share building model results via the powerfulweb viewer. 3D product modelingbrings your projects to live.

High level of consistency

With Tekla Structures, you input information only once. Ongoing revisions to drawings no longer result in errors and lost time. Layouts, contract drawingsproject drawings and reports are automatically generated from the model. Thanks to the intelligence, any modification to the model automatically reflects in the output.

Whenever any analysis and design results, drawings, reports or any other output is needed, you can create it from the model. With Tekla Structures, duplication of information is history.


Complete integration

All information for project analysis and design is now available within one building model. Both steel and concrete detailing and engineering professionals can share the same database - significantly reducing design task overlap. The shared model is also controlled throughout the design, detailing, fabrication and phases to ensure a consistent transfer of information.

Seamless integration

Tekla Structures provides structural design professionals with indisputable benefits through intelligent 3d modeling. There is no need to re-engineer the underlying IT infrastructure nor the existing design and analysis software. The customizedinterface includes a number of links that facilitate data transfer among other systems (AutoCAD, PDMS and PDS). Tekla Structures also incorporates the latest CIMsteel Integration Standards(CIS/2).

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