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TEKLA StructuresSteel Detailing

Tekla has taken the functionality and benefits of Tekla Structures technology and added new revolutionary tools to create Tekla Structures! The versatile 3D structural building information modeling (BIM) system provides you with the ability to create all types of complex structures. Steel fabricators, steel detailing offices and engineering companies can now enjoy innovative openness, collaboration, security and reliability never before experienced.

Tekla Structures features a unique model-based architecture. You can design and create an intelligent steel model that contains all geometric and structural information pertinent to your project.

Tekla Structures is a flexible integrated solution for the entire structural design process. Tekla Structures supports multiple users simultaneously working on the same model. The inter-operable tools and open interfaces ensure for a smooth transfer of information from your design system directly to your MIS or ERP software.


Tekla Structures provides the steel detailing industry with upgraded Xsteel software to manage project information more effectively! All information is drawn from the same intelligent 3D source, so everyone on the project has the ability to simultaneously collaborate in real-time.

Tekla Structures also includes an extensive range of tools to automate the detailing process. Overall, this greatly increases both project quality and productivity. Errors are minimized; project run-through times are decreased.

Choose Tekla Structures for a versatile approach in steel modeling, detailing and material listing.


The new generation of Xsteel has finally arrived! The steel detailing industry can now enjoy upgraded functionality and benefits with Tekla Structures!

Tekla Structures is a tightly integrated solution for the entire structural design process. A whole new world of business opportunities is now at your fingertips.

The versatile 3D modeling system provides you with efficient and flexible tools to create all types of steel structures. It allows you to design and detail an intelligent steel model of any size or complexity with ease and precision. The same model can be shared throughout the design, fabrication and erection processes – thus creating a smooth flow of information previously only imagined.

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