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Design Abilities Auto Section Design  
Auto Rebar Design
Investigate Section
Load Combinations
Control Point Loading  
Text Data Output
Multiple Column in Single File  
ACI 318-02 Code  
ACI 318-99 Code  
ACI 318-95 Code
CAN 3-A23.3-94 Code
Long Column Design K Factor Calculations
Slender and Non-slender
Direct Input of Design Actions  
Moment Magnification
Stiffness Reduction Factor
Cracked Section Coefficient
Sway and Non Sway Check  
Service Load Input
Capacity Curves Load-Moment Curves
Moment-Moment Curves
Moment-Curvature Curves  
P-M-M Interaction Surface (3D)  
Elastic Stress Contours (2D/3D)  
Rebar Stresses (2D/3D)  
Cracked Section Stresses (2D/3D)  
Load Point Location (2D/3D)  
Neutral Axis Orientation (2D/3D)  
Section Editing Edit by Dimensions
Edit by Moving Points (Graphically)
Edit by Moving Points (Text input)
Exploding Parametric Shapes  
Merging Shapes  
Drawing Shapes
Rotate, Flip
Fillet at Corner  
Automatic Rebar Distribution  
Numeric Rebar Editing
Graphic rebar Editing
Graphical Copy/Paste  
Text Copy/Paste  
Customize Report  
Export Geometry to DXF  
Import Geometry from DXF  
Built-in Parametric and Standard Shape Availability Rectangular Section
Circular Section
Basic Concrete Shapes (15 Shapes)  
Basic Steel Shapes (9 Shapes)  
AISC Database Shapes (Approx 1000 Shapes)  
CISC Database Shapes (Approx 800 Shapes  
Bridge Piers Shapes (7 Shapes)  
Arbitrary Parametric Holes  
Steel Concrete Composites  
Concrete-Concrete Composite  
Merged Shapes  
Built-up Shapes  
Stress Strain Curves Available ACI Whitney Rectangle
CSA Rectangle
Simple Parabola  
PCA Parabola
Strain Hardening  
Section Properties Area
Moment of Inertia
Elastic Section Modulus
Radius of Gyration  
Principal Angle  
Principal Properties  
Torsional Constant  
Shear Area  
Plastic Section Modulus  
Rebar Area/ Rebar Ratio
Equivalent Section Generation  
Transformed Properties  


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