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CSICOLDefining Cross-Sections

  • Use CSICOL to create column cross-sections of any practical shape.
  • Directly define reinforced concrete rectangular and circular column sections.

A complete rectangular and circular section, including standard rebar layout, can be defined quickly using a single form.

  • Create complex reinforced concrete and composite cross-sections using several types of shapes and the editing tools

Use the Fillet Library to add fillets to any section

Use the merge command to combine fillets to the main shape

Use the copy and flip commands to easily create higher order shapes

Use the merge command to create a single shape from various simple shapes

Use the copy and stack commands to create complex shapes

  • Add holes and cutouts of arbitrary shape anywhere on the cross-section.

  • Holes can be created in a shape by using other shapes marked as holes.

More than one shape can be assigned a “hole” property and placed in other shapes to create complex voided sections.

Holes can be placed partially on the shape to cut the cross-section in any configuration.

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