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CSICOL is a comprehensive software for analyzing and designing columns.

  • Use CSICOL to design concrete and reinforced concrete columns as well as reinforced concrete composite cross-sections.
  • Let CSICOL's Auto Design Wizard make the design process simple, organized and efficient as it guides you through the entire design process step-by-step.
  • Complete your design in accordance with ACI-318-02, ACI-318-99 or CSA A-23.3-94 codes and modify the analysis and design interactively.

CSICOL's many convenient features combine to create the best tool for engineers engaged in column design

Define an unlimited number of load combinations for sway and non-sway conditions.

  • Specify the design yourself or let CSICOL do the computations using the moment magnification method.
  • Let CSICOL account for slenderness effects during design and analysis.
  • Use CSICOL to check sway and non-sway conditions in accordance with the selected design code.
  • Use CSICOL to determine the Effective Length Factor based on the framing and end

CSICOL generates results that meet the needs of today's busy engineering professional.

  • CSICOL outputs include:
  • Capacity interaction surfaces
  • Load-moment curves
  • Moment-moment curves
  • Moment-curvature curves for various failure criteria
  • CSICOL lets you combine data plots to enhance the display and your use of output results. Combine axial-flexural elastic stress contours, rebar stresses, cracked section stresses, load point locations, capacity vectors, neutral axis depths and orientations, and so forth.
  • Create output reports of the analysis and design process, and customize them by adding your choice of graphics and additional data.

Design columns quickly and easily using predefine parametric shapes.

  • CSICOL provides several predefined parametric shapes, including a variety of solid, hollow, and flanged shapes, as well as a large collection of Standard Steel Database Shapes that can be used in composite columns.
  • Merge, edit and draw shapes to suit your geometry requirements and create complex cross-sections.
  • Use CSICOL's practical tools to align, stack, and place Shapes to create simple and complex column designs.
  • Use CSICOL's addition and placement tools to place rebar anywhere in the cross-sectionat corners, on the perimeter, on any side, in circular and irregular patterns.
  • Use Standard rebar sets (ASTM, Metric, and Imperial) or define your own.

CSICOL is shipped with a comprehensive collection of technical notes and user manuals.

Context-sensitive HTML help gives you quick answers to program-specific questions.

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