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CSICOLSlenderness Effects

  • CSICOL can perform magnified-moment calculations based on ACI-318-02. CSICOL also includes options to input detailed loads for slenderness calculations or to input design actions directly.

CSICOL accepts input for the detailed computation of the Moment Magnification Factor in accordance with ACI-318.

  • Various checks are available to determine sway or non-sway conditions.

CSICOL checks whether a column under a specific load combination is Sway or Non-Sway, using various code specified methods.

  • CSICOL automatically determines the Effective Length Factor for braced and unbraced situations for a variety of framing and support conditions.

Column framing conditions are used to determine effective length factors for computing slenderness effects.

  • Determination of Effective Length Factor is based on relative stiffness of bracing elements or support conditions.

Several cases of end framing condition are considered for computing effective length factor for frames.

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