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ETABSAnalytical Options

  • Static linear analysis
  • Static nonlinear analysis
  • Force or displacement control

  • Staged construction (construction sequence loading), including multiple scenarios
  • For the special case of pushover analysis includes effective damping computations, capacity spectrum and demand spectrum comparisons are also performed
  • Nonlinear frame, cable and link elements

  • P-delta analysis
  • Large displacement analysis

  • Modal analysis
  • Eigen analysis with an accelerated subspace iteration algorithm
  • Ritz analysis for optimal mode superposition basis
  • Modes can include P-delta, large displacement and construction effects

  • Dynamic response spectrum analysis
  • Modal combination by SRSS, CQC and GMC(Gupta) methods
  • Directional combination by the SRSS or factored absolute sum method

  • Dynamic liner and nonlinear time history analysis
  • Wilson FNA method
  • Ground acceleration excitation
  • Multiple base excitation
  • Load forcing functions
  • Transient or steady state

  • Nonlinear link elements
  • Graphics and tabular display of nodal and element time history records
  • Function versus time or function versus function displays
  • Generation of response spectrum curves for any joint acceleration component
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