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ETABSElement Library

Frame element

  • Multiple non-prismatic segments of element length

  • Point, uniform and trapezoidal loading in any direction

  • Temperature loading

  • Automated end offset evaluation

  • Moment and shear releases
  • Built-in steel sections
  • Joint offsets, cardinal point and mirroring of section
  • Option for reduced beam section ("dog-bone") modeling

Shell element

  • General quadrilateral or triangular element
  • Orthotropic material properties
  • Six degrees of freedom per joint
  • Shell, plate or membrane action
  • Thick shell option
  • Gravity, uniform, pressure, wind pressure coefficient, temperature loading

Spring element

  • Joint to ground (support) spring
  • Coupled 6x6 user-defined spring stiffness option (for foundation modeling)

Link element

  • Link may be placed between any two joints or from joint to ground (support)
  • Multilinear elastic
  • Viscous damper with nonlinear exponent on velocity term
  • Gap (compression only) and Hook (tension only)
  • Uniaxial plasticity (all six degrees of freedom)
  • Base isolator with biaxial plasticity behavior
  • Base isolator with friction and/or pendulum behavior

Frame plastic hinge element for use with static and dynamic nonlinear analysis

  • Axial, flexural, shear and torsional hinge
  • Axial load-biaxial moment interaction
  • Multilinear behavior including softening
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