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ETABSGeneral Characteristics

  • Fully integrated program that allows model creation, modification, execution of analysis, design optimization, and results review from within a single interface

  • Powerful graphical 3D model generation using plan, elevation and developed views

  • A wide variety of automated templates allow a quick start for almost any building

  • Object-based physical member modeling allows working with large members that do not need to be broken up at each joint

  • Powerful CAD-type editing features
  • Units that can be changed at any time

  • Fully integrated Section Designer allows definition of complex sections

  • State of the art static and dynamic, linear and nonlinear analysis options

  • Fully interactive steel and concrete frame member design for many American, Canadian and European design codes

  • Fully interactive composite beam member design for American, Canadian and British design codes

  • Fully interactive shear wall design for American, Canadian and British design codes
  • Onscreen results display

  • Animated display of deformed shapes, mode shapes, stress contours and time history results

  • Import and export models in commonly used formats

  • Context sensitive online help
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