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• Area, Line, and Point Loading
• Loads can Vary Linearly in One or Two Directions
• Point Displacement Loading
• Automated Pattern Loading Based on Panels
• Tendon Forces Converted to Loads (PT)
• Automated Prestress Loss Calculations (PT)
• Lateral Loads (Wind and Seismic) can be Considered
• Response Spectrum Analysis Based on Loads and Modes Imported from ETABS
• Unlimited Load Cases and Combinations
• Automated Double-Valued Range Combinations for Pattern Loads

• General 3-D Analysis Model
• Orthotropic Slab Properties
• Thick Plate Behavior with Shear Deformation
• Beams with Flexural, Shear, and Torsional Deformations
• Stiffness Effects of Columns, Walls, and Ramps Included
• Automatic Analysis for Secondary Post-Tensioning Stresses (PT)
• SAPFire Fast Solvers
• Multi-processor, Multi-threading 64-bit Solvers

• Nonlinear Analysis for No-Tension Soil Supports with Uplift
• Nonlinear Analysis for Long-Term Creep and Shrinkage
• Nonlinear Analysis for Cracked Conditions
• Tension-Only Spring for Modeling Tension Anchors
• Overturning Analysis for Footings and Mats

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