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SAFEDesign Features

• Design to Latest American, Australian, British, Canadian, Chinese,   European, Hong Kong, Indian, New Zealand, and Singapore Codes
• Conventional Reinforced Concrete Design
• Post-Tensioned Concrete Design (PT)
• Automatic and User Defined Load Combinations
• Slab Flexural Design

• Beam Flexural, Shear, and Torsion Design

• Punching Shear Checks
• Punching Shear Reinforcement (stud rails) Design
• Serviceability Stress Checks for Post-Tensioning (PT)

• Post-Tensioning Strength Checks Including Secondary Locked-In   Stresses (PT)
• Automated T-beam Effects

• Strip-Based Design with General Strip Definitions

• Finite Element (FEM) Based Element Design
• Averaging of FEM Design Results
• Graphical Display of Required Reinforcement

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