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• Fully Automated Detailing of Slabs, Beams, Mats, and Footings

• Customizable Rules to Control Bar Sizes, Spacing, Dimensioning,   Scaling, etc.
• Customizable Curtailment Rules • Beam, Column, and Slab Offsets
• Drawing Component Views Including Plans, Elevations, Sections,   Rebar Tables, Schedules, Bill of Quantities

• Tendon Layout Plans and Tendon Profile Elevations (PT)
• Customizable Drawing Sheets Composed of Multiple Component   Views
• Import Drawing Title Block from DXF
• Synchronization of Drawings after Model Modifications
• Detail Individual Objects or Groups of Similar Objects
• User-defined Section Cuts in Slabs, Beams, and Mats

• Editing of Slab, Beam, and Mat Reinforcement
• Editing of Text and Annotations for Clearer Drawings
• Control of Scale, Text Size, Linetype, Line Thickness, Color, etc.
• Export of Drawings and Views to AutoCAD
• Direct Printing or Plotting of Drawing Sheets and Views

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