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SAFEModeling Features

• Initialize Model from Company Standards, Existing Projects, or   Program Defaults
• Templates for Flat Slabs, Two-Way Slabs, Waffle Slabs, Ribbed   Slabs, Isolated Footings, Combined Footings, and Mats
• Automated Generation of Tendon Layout for Flat Slab Template (PT)

• Multiple Grid Systems Including Rectangular, Cylindrical, and General
• User Coordinate System (UCS) for On-the-Fly System Definition
• Rectangular, Circular, T- and L-shaped Columns and Braces
• Curved Beams and Slab Edges
• Curved Walls and Sloped Ramps
• Drop Panels and Drop Caps
• Loaded or Unloaded Openings
• Slab Discontinuities for Construction Joints or Elevation Changes
• Arbitrary Geometry Including Variations in Thickness
• Horizontal and Vertical Tendon Profiles with Interactive Graphical   Editing (PT)
• Multi-Segmented Design Strips with Skews and Varying Widths

• Enhanced Automatic Rectangular Meshing
• Mesh Orientation Linked to Area Local Axis, Coordinate System, or   Longest Edge
• Auto Meshing Maintains Good Aspect Ratios
• Edge Constraint Connects Mismatched Slab Meshes
• Meshing Allows for Slab Moment and Shear Releases

• Easy Access to Program Features without Using Menus
• Define, Duplicate, and Modify Properties Using the Tree Structure
• Property and Object-Based Selection
• Property Assignments by Drag-and-Drop to Model View or within   Tree
• Display Default or User-Defined Named Views
• Navigate Detailed Views and Drawings
• Context Sensitive Menus on Easy Item in Explorer

• Automated Design Strip Drawing Based on Grids or Supports
• Design Strip Width Automation
• Automated Generation of Pattern Loading Based on Panels
• Automated Generation of Tendon Profiles Using Load Balancing (PT)
• Strip-Based Automatic Tendon Layouts
• Automated Finite Element Meshing
• Auto Drop Panels and Drop Caps Linked to Column Property

• Line, Area, Tendon, Design Strip, Column, Wall, Grid, and Dimension   Line Drawing Tools
• Quick Draw of Columns, Beams, and Areas
• Intelligent Snaps with Control of Snap Length and Angle Increments
• Switch Between Available Snaps Using 'N' Key
• Graph Paper Horizon for Easy Snaps
• Quick Tracing of AutoCAD Architectural Plans
• Architectural Units for Drafting
• Curve Drawing Using Arc, Spline, and Multisegment Tools
• General Design Strip Drawing as Polylines with Varying Width
• Architectural Dimension Lines Linked to Objects
• Cardinal Points for Beam and Column Offsets
• On-Screen Editing of Object Properties Using Right Click
• Editing with Move, Nudge, Mirror, and Replicate
• Real-time Zoom and Rotation while Drafting

• Enhanced Graphical Display in 2-D and 3-D
• Developed Elevations for Display and Editing
• Extruded 3-D Views of Entire Model
• Clear Display of Wall Junctions
• Waffle Extrusion with Openings
• Smooth Shading for Curved Line and Area Edges
• Continuous Rotation of Model with Mouse Drag
• Built-In Image and Video Capturing
• Rendered View with Multiple Lighting Options, Textures, and   Shadows
• Realistic 3-D Rebar Cage Rendering

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