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SAFEOutput and Display

• 2-D and 3-D Graphical Displays
• Deformed Shapes
• Loading Diagrams
• Animation of Deformed Shapes
• Slab Displacement, Moment, Shear, Stress, and Bearing Pressure   Contours
• User Controlled Stress Averaging for Contours
• Beam Moment and Shear Diagrams
• Reaction Force Diagrams
• Integrated Strip Moment and Shear Diagrams
• Required Reinforcement for Beams and Slabs
• Punching Shear Ratios and Stud Design Requirements
• Stress Check Displays for Post-Tensioning (PT)
• Finite Element Based Design Required Reinforcement Contours

• Automated Generation of Standard Report
• Fully Customizable Report Contents
• Custom Views Added to Reports
• Input and Results Tables Added to Reports
• Design Detail Sheets Added to Reports
• Reporting in User-defined Mixed Units
• User-defined Settings for Report Layout and Formatting

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