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Analytical Options

Static linear analysis

Static nonlinear analysis

  • Force or displacement control
  • Staged construction (construction sequence loading), including multiple scenarios

  • For the special case of pushover analysis includes effective damping computations, capacity spectrum computations and demand spectrum comparisons are also performed
  • Nonlinear frame, cable and link elements
  • P-Delta analysis

    Large displacement analysis

Modal analysis

  • Eigen analysis with an accelerated subspace iteration algorithm
  • Ritz analysis for optimal mode superposition basis
  • Modes can include P-delta, large displacement and construction effects

Dynamic response spectrum analysis

  • Modal combination by the SRSS, GMC(Gupta), 10 Percent , and Double Sum methods
  • Directional combination by the SRSS or factored absolute sum method

Dynamic linear and nonlinear time history analysis

  • Use either the Wilson FNA method or a direct integration method
  • Ground acceleration excitation
  • Multiple base excitation
  • Load forcing functions
  • Transient or steady state

  • Nonlinear frame, cable and link elements
  • Geometric nonlinearity
  • Wide variety of integration methods
  • Graphic and tabular displays of nodal and element time history records

  • Functions versus time or function versus function displays
  • Generation of response spectrum curves for any joint acceleration component

Bridge analysis (Moving load analysis)

  • Generation of influence lines and force envelope
  • AASHTO vehicle loads
  • User defined truck, lane and train loads
  • Determination of maximum and minimum displacements and reactions

  • Capable of handling complex lane geometries
  • Automatically calculates all possible permutations of traffic loads
  • Provides correspondence between response components

Buckling analysis

  • Calculation of multiple modes for any number of load combinations
  • Modes can include P-delta, large displacement and construction effects


  • Ability to run selective analysis cases
  • Create and run new cases while keeping results already calculated
  • Fully integrated bath file analysis capabilities
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