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Display and Output Capabilities

  • 3D perspective graphical displays of undeformed and deformed structural geometries

  • Static deformed shapes and mode shapes

  • Bending moment, shear force, axial force and deflection diagrams

  • Stress contours
  • Animation of deformed shapes, mode shapes and time history behavior
  • AVI file option for saving animated displays
  • Animated stress contours
  • Multiple windows simultaneously displaying different output parameters

  • Instantaneous graphical details for specific objects with a right button click
  • Static and dynamic load combinations and envelopes

  • Forces versus deformation plots of nonlinear systems for energy dissipation studies
  • Virtual work plots of relative work in every element for any load with respect to any analysis case
  • User customizable output tables sent to the following:
    • Onscreen viewing
    • Printer
    • Text file
    • Microsoft Excel workbook
    • Microsoft Access database
    • HTML file that can be displayed in Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Custom reports that combine output tables from one or more models with pictures that have been saved as files and user-created text.
    These reports can be output to:
    • Printer
    • Text file
    • Rich text file that can be displayed in Microsoft Word
    • HTML file that can be displayed in Microsoft Internet Explorer
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