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Technical Papers

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and view these files. You can download Acrobat Reader from Adobe Web Site.

Practical Three Dimensional Nonlinear Static Pushover Analysis
by Ashraf Habibullah, S.E., and Stephen Pyle, S.E.

Speed of Computer Systems
by Ed Wilson

Soil Structure Interaction

Geometric Stiffness and P-Delta Effects
by Ed Wilson

Seismic Analysis Modelling to Satisfy Building Code
by Ed Wilson

Punching Shear (SAFE Technical Note 1)
How SAFE Calculates Punching Shear For the ACI 318-95 Code

Using Align Vertical / Horizontal Command (SAFE Technical Note 2)
Using the Align Vertical/Horizontal Command on the Edit Menu

Fundamentals of Dynamic Analysis
by Ed Wilson

Damping and Energy Dissipation
by Ed Wilson

Dynamic Analysis Using Mode Superposition
by Ed Wilson

Dynamic Analysis by Numerical Integration
by Ed Wilson

Dynamic Analysis Using Response Spectrum Seismic Loading
by Ed Wilson

Eigenvalue Problem
by Ed Wilson

Physical Object Based Analysis And Design Modeling Of Shear Wall Systems Using Etabs
by Ashraf Habibullah , S.E. - (Microsoft Word Document)

Staggered Truss Framing Systems Using ETABS
by Ashraf Habibullah, SE - (Microsoft Word Document)

Basic Modeling and Analysis Concepts
International Seminar on Computer Aided Analysis and Design Of Building Structures, Aug 23-24, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - (Microsoft Power Point Presentation)

Modeling and Analysis of 5 Story Walk-up Residential Building For Gravity Loads
by Ashraf Habibullah and Syed Hassnain - (Microsoft Power Point Presentation)

Behavior, Modeling and Design of Shear Wall-Frame Systems
by Naveed Anwar - (Microsoft Power Point Presentation)

ETABS Presentation with new Graphics
(Microsoft Power Point Presentation)

SAP2000 Presentation with new Graphics
(Microsoft Power Point Presentation)

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