2023 Tekla Versions are Now Available

Still different,
always better

Raising the bar for automated and
connected workflows across projects.


Enjoy user-experience improvements and feature updates that transform the way you work with reliable and data-rich structural software.

The upgraded user experience for working with drawings – as well as the updates to the detailing to fabrication workflows – make your work easier, faster and more accurate. You can now collaborate more effectively too, thanks to improved ways to use, provide access to, and track changes to your BIM model data.

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Highlights of Tekla Structures 2023

New Property Pane for intuitive drawing editing

The customizable and intuitive drawing property pane is a modern and powerful method for working with drawing-object properties. Easily create and modify drawing objects and copy properties between them. Use the visual editor for dimensions, views, associative notes, and all mark types. Customize drawing marks with the simple symbol and hatch selection. Choose which properties are shown by default, or access them all with just one click.

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Better workflow for batch printing drawings

Printing a large number of drawings in one go just got easier. Before hitting print, you are now prompted to choose how to handle drawings that may interrupt the printing process. This allows you to run a single print batch that will continue printing even if you leave the office. Everything will be in the stack when the job is finished.

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Step-by-step instructions to guide your modeling

Improved contextual instructions in the status bar give you modeling tips, clear descriptions, and steps to follow. The Instructor side pane and tooltips add to an easy and self-guided learning experience.

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Detail more with special bolt holes

You can now find several improvements in special types of bolts and holes for many project and material types. The possibility to offset bolts in slotted holes helps you in modeling PEB structures, portal frames, boilers and more. Tapped holes can now be modeled for joints when installing nuts is not possible, either due to a lack of space for a wrenching tool or because there is no access to the other side of the joint. You can also model various special holes in the same bolt group.

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Better handling of project coordinates

Collaboration is the key to BIM success. You can now choose how to utilize the base point for IFC4 exports to help align your BIM model location with the civil coordinate system. This is especially useful in projects where stakeholders are using different software.

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Improved project interoperability with IFC

Correct communication of designs to project stakeholders is essential. Rebar and rebar set exports are now better supported, and more IFC entities and subtypes are included (e.g. ramps, windows and stairs).

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Improved Tekla Tedds integration for simple steel connection design

You can now leverage a full connection design workflow using the "Steel simple connection design (EN1993)" calculation in Tekla Tedds. Design data is automatically transferred for the relevant Tekla Structures system components, such as shear plates and end plates.

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Model Sharing improvements

Access drawing history in Tekla Model Sharing projects

Collaboration with other project members is easier when you have access to the drawing changes list in a Tekla Model Sharing project. Now you can check and control the drawing versions that were created for each drawing during the project.

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New user menu in Tekla Model Sharing Management Console

Admin users can now quickly view which projects each user belongs to. This makes it easy to manage all users' access directly from this website.

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Trimble Connect Highlights

Perform model review using Trimble Connect

Introducing an easy new way of communicating from Trimble Connect to a Tekla Structures model, and streamlining collaboration between users. You can now add property sets in Trimble Connect that can then be viewed directly within the Tekla Structures model. This supports more efficient model review and approval workflows, as well as erection, fabrication and on-site workflows where the data is tracked in Trimble Connect.

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Compare 3D models in Trimble Connect

Keeping track of the changes in different versions of models is critical in project workflows. You can now share Tekla Structures models with any Trimble Connect for Windows user, as well as allow them to compare and view the differences between model versions.

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Check out full Tekla Structures 2023 release notes for detailed information.